Her finner du oversikt over alle leverandører og abonnenter til Kodabas.


GLN (Global Location Number)

Abas Kosmetikk AS

Aspire Brands AS

Axion Distribution AS

Bad Norwegian

Beauty Care AS

Beauty Import AS

Beauty Rebels AS

Beauty Supply AS

Björn Axén Retail AB

Bonaventura Sales AS

Brynild Gruppen AS

Cutrin Norge AS

Depend Norge AS

Dermanor AS

Elle Basic AS

Estée Lauder Cosmetics

E. Sæther AS

Finest Cosmetics Nordic AB

Finest Skincare Nordic AB

Frends AS


Hair Program International

HAVA Logistics

HFC Prestige International Norway

House of Brands Retail

IC Enterprises AB

Ida Warg Beauty

KAO Norway AS

L’Oreal Norge AS

L’Oreal Professionnel

M. Willumsen AS

Maria Nila

Mentellow Beauty Brands AS

Midsona Norge AS

NBI Nordic Beauty Import OY

Nor Cosmetics AS

Parfums Christian Dior AS

Rebirth AS

Retailbros AB

Rudolph Care A/S

Scandinavian Cosmetics

Sisley ApS

Tendenz hårpleie

TMC Nordic

Verdant AS


BestValue AS

Easy Step AS

Easy Update AS

Fredrik & Louisa AS

Gimle Parfymeri AS

Hava Logistics AS

Koch Parfymerier

Odin Systemer (Fixit)

Skin Tonic AS

The Loox

Vita AS